Thursday, May 2, 2013

Bucket and brick factories

Anyone who has been watching the playoffs does not need a graph to tell them that Carmelo can't find the bottom of the net, while Lebron can't seem to miss. But I made one anyway.

This graph shows the 32 most productive scorers in the NBA playoffs to date, defined by average time taken to score 2 points. The green dots show this statistic, with Tony Parker leading the way at a clip of 2 points every 2 minutes and 52 seconds, and Lebron only 8 seconds behind.

The red dots show time taken between missed FG attempts. Carmelo is blowing everyone away on this stat, missing it every 2 minutes and 32 seconds, producing significantly more bricks than buckets. As Dan Shaughnessy quipped about the Knicks today: "They have overrated ballhog Anthony pounding the ball, waiting to shoot, while four teammates stand and watch. It’s easy to defend."

Dwight Howard and Mike Dunleavy were particularly efficient (high points relative to misses) and productive (though that didn't prevent their teams from being swept), while Brandon Jennings and Corey Brewer join Melo in manufacturing far more bricks than buckets. 

The Celtics, with balanced scoring across the team throughout their series (if not enough in the second half for most of the games), do not have anyone in the top 32, though Pierce and Green come in at 37 and 38.

Note: anyone scoring fewer than 10 PPG was excluded.

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