Sunday, March 18, 2012

Bomb it or take it to the hole? Player edition

In my previous post I looked at team's relative efficiency for 3-point vs. 2-point attempts. Now I'll turn to individual players.

I graphed average points scored per 3-pt attempt against average points per 2-pt attempt for all players this season who shoot more than 2.5 3's per game (top 25% in the  league) and who play more than 20 minutes per game (graph was too crowded otherwise, apologies to Steve Novak, who would be just on top of Ray Allen). Again, dot size corresponds to 3-pt attempts per game. The darker reference lines correspond to the league averages.

This shows again what a miserable 3-pt shooting season Kobe is having, and his 2-pt efficiency, while above league average, is only average for top shooters.

Melo and Raymond Felton stand out more: they are the only two players in the league who shoot a lot of threes, play a lot of minutes, but are significantly worse than the league average at 3-pt and 2-pt shooting efficiency. They are bad at everything they do.

Guys in the top right corner like Ray and James Harden are above average at both 3-pt and 2-pt efficiency, though it would be great if Ray could get more 3's (I know he tries) and James bombed a tad less.

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